Reverse Funnel System – How Is It Different From Other Systems?

Network Marketing programs have different kinds of sales funnels (or processes). The reverse funnel system does things differently than what you’re used to, but it has several very distinct advantages over older forms of network marketing. Let’s look at it together.

How the Reverse Funnel System is Different Than Other Sales Funnels

1) The Reverse Funnel System Relies on Marketing NOT Prospecting -Let’s face it. Prospecting is not desirable or able to be duplicated by most people. People using a reverse funnel system study, train in, and work on Marketing. Marketing attracts the right people to your business when THEY want it. Prospecting is where you try to get people interested in what you’re doing when YOU want it. Prospecting is pretty hard to do for most of us, but just about anyone can run a proven ad with just a little instruction.

2) The Reverse Funnel System Relies on Conversion NOT Conversation – clickfunnels pricing reddit Marketing brings interested traffic to your site. Conversion is what happens when those people take an action. For example, I have a page that converts at 51%. That means that 51% of the people who see that page will take the action I want (which in that case is to opt-in for my newsletter). On the other hand, conversations will vary every time you have one. The reverse funnel system has been tested and adjusted so that it converts almost scientifically. That’s like taking your best conversation and being able to have it perfectly over and over and over again, because the system can deliver it perfectly every time.

3) The Reverse Funnel System Makes Money WHILE You’re Creating Leads – Did you catch that? You can make money WHILE you are creating leads. That’s why it’s called a REVERSE funnel. Under a normal network marketing funnel, you talk to people, close a few, make a little money, and then hope you can hang in there till you have a residual income. With a reverse funnel system you actually make money on the front end of your business WHILE you are building up your residual.

Here’s the best part. When you have a system like that, you don’t ever have to talk to prospects again. You don’t have to talk to them because your marketing attracts people who are really interested, your system educates and closes the ones who are really interested, and you actually make money while you create leads. This kind of system frees you up to focus on training yourself and helping your team use the system.

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