All About J1 Visa Health Insurance Plans

Insurance policies are introduced to help you stay away from trouble caused by certain accidents or illnesses. Though health insurance is pretty important but there are lots of countries where people are still unaware of the benefits associated with health insurance but US is not like them. In fact, you ought to have an insurance policy with you while paying a visit to US especially on J1 Visa.

Schengen Visa Travel Insurance

J1 visa is basically for exchange visitors, au-pairs, scholars, trainees, post graduate research students, etc. If you are in US on J1 visa, you need to make sure that you have a valid health insurance plan otherwise your visa will not be valid.

Benefits of J1 visa health insurance:

Like all other types of insurance policies, J1 visa health insurance is also quite useful in terms of dealing with unexpected accidents. If you don’t have this type insurance, you need to purchase it as soon as possible as it will help you to cover certain medical expenses along with evacuation and repatriation.

When it comes to J1 visa health insurance, you need to keep in mind that there are specific rules and regulations set by the Department of State. First thing you need to keep in mind this regard is that if you are coming to US on J1 visa, you along with your dependants must possess a health insurance plan meeting the following requirements.

o Insurance must offer benefits of at least $50,000 for an accident or illness
o Repatriation of remains must be around $7,500
o A deductible should never go beyond the $500 limit for a single accident or illness
o Insurance policy must be underwritten by some specific insurance corporation with the best rating of A or better for all types of ratings including Insurance Solvency International, Ltd rating, Standard and Poor`s Claims Paying Ability rating, etc.
o In case, you want to satisfy the requirements of insurance according to your home country, the policy must be backed by full faith and credit of the government.

These are few of the requirements which should always be kept in mind while buying this type of health insurance. Although you need to pay attention to these requirements on your own but there are several health insurance companies in US which can help you in this regard as they fully conform to the requirements and regulations set by the US Department of State.

So, the fact of the matter is that if you don’t want to find yourself in dire straits while visiting US, you need to pay special attention to the option of getting a J1 visa health insurance. This visitors medical insurance is not only useful but necessary as well. So, do make sure that you have an insurance plan and it conforms to the minimum requirements of US department of State.

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